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Leather Master

100 Water-Based Fixation

100 Water-Based Fixation

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A water-based finish which can be used on any kind of leather except nubuck. It is a finish designed for hand application, but can also be applied by spraying. To have good resistant on the leather, it is necessary to add 2% of Hardener TA. The gloss and matte versions can be mixed together to create the desired sheen.

This product can be sprayed or hand applied with a clean, soft, lint free cloth. If applied by hand, make sure you apply the product only once as you might have some greying if over applied.

For Leather Types - Aniline & Protected

Size - Liter

*Always check for colorfastness.


  1. Always check for colorfastness.
  2. Mix or shake well before using.
  3. Filter the product while pouring it out.
  4. Check the sheen of the leather and match it by mixing gloss and matte. A frequent mixture is 1/3 matte and 2/3 gloss.
  5. Make sure you shake the bottles thoroughly and filter them before mixing the products together.
  6. Add 2% of Hardener TA, mix very well.
  7. Apply a little of the product on a hidden area of the leather to see if the sheen matches.
  8. Dry with a hair dryer and check the sheen.
  9. Apply the product by spraying or by hand.
  10. Dry with a hair dryer and let dry further overnight before reusing the leather.

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