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Vinyl Pro APG

All Purpose Grip Adhesive

All Purpose Grip Adhesive

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All Purpose Grip is a clear multi-purpose CA adhesive that is more viscous than some others. It is great for filling gaps, retaining texture, and more porous surfaces.

Common Uses:

  • Stitch cloth seams together by applying APG to both surfaces (only in one inch increments), gather together and hold with tweezers, then accelerate with Grip Kicker.
  • Create texture on hard plastics by dabbing APG with a piece of polyester foam, accelerating, then scuffing with 320 or 400 grit sandpaper to level tops of grain.
  • To fill small scratches or picks in leather, lightly wet the blemish and sand across the scratch with 400 grit, repeating until the imperfection levels and disappears.

Do not use on large areas, as cracking with occur on very flexible substrates.

Cures slower than TGA, allowing for repositioning.


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