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Nanoskin NAA-SSDT720

Aqua Rabbit Towel

Aqua Rabbit Towel

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Aqua Rabbit - The Ultimate Absorbing Towel (5 sq. ft.)

Key Features:

  • It's like a chamois, a towel, and a sponge all in one.
  • Washes, dries and polishes any surface.
  • Leaves no water streaks.
  • Can be stores wet or dry in your vehicle.
  • Leaves a perfect finish on glass and many other surfaces.


  1. Rinse with clean cool water and ring out....ready to use.
  2. Rinse free of any and all soaps and detergents and keep clean for best results.
  3. Pull across the surfaces desired for a dry finish, this action will lift off any water on the surface.
  4. After use completely rinse any and all loose grime from your towel with clean cool water, ring out and store.
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9" x 12" x 1"


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