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Clear Light: Headlight Clear Coat

Clear Light: Headlight Clear Coat

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  1. Tape or protect area around headlight to prevent scratching painted surfaces.
  2. Wearing hand and eye protection is advised.
  3. Spray with lens cleaner, to remove yellow residue. Wipe Off.
  4. Continue this step, rubbing with steel wool to remove remaining residue.
  5. Once headlight is thoroughly cleaned and no residue exists, spray water on headlight and scour with 600 grit sandpaper. Rub vigorously to remove any old clear coat on lens.
  6. Occasionally, more aggressive sandpaper may be needed,
  7. Once lens has an even scour, clean lens with water and wipe with a clean, lint free cloth.
  8. Headlight will be cloudy from scuffing, but will clear, when sprayed with the Clear Light.
  9. Make sure headlight is dry. (Turning on headlight will speed process.)
  10. Spray one even coat of the Clear Light on lens. If there is any grainy look to the lens, spray a little more until the finish is smooth. Too much will result in runs.
  11. This must be done in one process, before the lens coat tacks. Never apply a second coat after initial coat is dry.
  12. High humidity will cause blushing or cloudiness, however, this will disappear as the lens coat cures.
  13. Will dry with in a matter of minutes.
  14. Clear Light works best at temperature above 70 degrees, but it can be used in temperatures as low as the 30's. Many techs warm the can on their defroster and turn the headlight on high, while facing the sun.
  15. 12+ cars in the average volume of restored cars per can of lens coat.
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