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Vinyl Pro

Color Coach Pro 2.0

Color Coach Pro 2.0

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The Color Coach Pro 2.0 is Vinyl Pro's on-the-go matching system for SEM Color Coat & Sure-Coat coatings. Whether you are new to mixing colors or are just looking for a faster, less wasteful method, this system can help you. It is also easy to use.

This System Contains:

  • Color Reader
  • SEM Custom Color Database
  • Formula Look-Up Program


  1. Scan any surface with the Color Reader.
  2. The Color Reader sends the scanned color and the three closest color matches to your phone (iOS or Android).
  3. Type the color number you choose into the computer Formula Look-Up Program to get the formula in any amount. (The Formula Look-Up Program is best used with Windows 10 Pro or the newest iOS.)

Difference Between Regular & Mini:

  • The Regular comes with a case, the Mini does not.
  • The Regular comes with a separate calibration slide, the Mini calibrates in the cap.
  • You do not have to use a mobile device with the Regular to see your matches, you do with the Mini.
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