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CTI 1010C

CTI CSS Safe & Bright Step 1

CTI CSS Safe & Bright Step 1

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CSS will stabilize dyes to prevent color bleed in textiles and control browning. The first step in upholstery and oriental rug cleaning. It may be used in conjunction with Red Relief for Wool and Stain Magic for Wool to neutralize the stain removal chemistry and stabilize the textile color.

Key Features:

  • Container Size - 128 fl. oz.
  • pH at Dilution - 3
  • Dilution - 4:1


  1. Following the stain removal procedure rinse and extract the subject area.
  2. Then saturate the treated fibers with CSS, allow three minutes dwell time then extraction rinse and blot away excess moisture.
  3. Rapid drying will improve the quality of your job.
  4. Dilute 4 to 1 with water for normal use on upholstery.
  5. Application - using a high volume trigger sprayer, or pump sprayer with an 04 or small tip, apply stabilizer to the textile prior to your cleaning process. This will work to stabilize dry colors and prevent the potential browning of natural fibers.
  6. Following the application of this product gently brush textile to assure thorough penetration then continue to step 2 of your cleaning process.



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