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CTI 107

CTI Red Relief

CTI Red Relief

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When Kool-Aid or Wine gets spilled on your carpet or upholstery panic can set in. If you don't use the right product, the stain can set in permanently so choosing the right product is very important. Red Relief is a two part product that completely removes food and drink dye like Kool-Aid and Gatorade. Red Relief is a heat-activated product, not a heat transfer product. 

Key Features:

  • Mix Equal Parts of A and B
  • pH at Dilution - 6.5


  1. Clean stained area using hot water extraction.
  2. Blot dry with a clean white towel to remove excess moisture from carpet.
  3. Mix Red Relief parts A & B in equal parts.
  4. Using trigger sprayer wet stained fibers with Red Relief mixture.
  5. Cover spot with a moderately wet (excess water squeezed out) terry towel. 
  6. Apple steam heat from an iron set at the lowest steam temperature.
  7. Check the stain every 30 seconds.
  8. When stain has turned to a light yellow or disappeared completely remove heat and towel.
  9. Extraction rinse chemical residue away.

SDS - Part A

SDS - Part B

Ingredients - Part A

Ingredients - Part B

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