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CTI 1072C

CTI Red Relief Wool

CTI Red Relief Wool

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Red Relief for Wool removes synthetic food dye stains (kool-aid, gatorade, ect.) from wool, especially wool that has been dyed with vegetable dyes is a procedure that requires your absolute attention to detail and patience. You are strongly encouraged to make some kool-aid stains on wool carpet and practice the procedure given here to perfect your skill before attempting to remove stains from customers' carpet.

Key Features:

  • Container Size - 3 pint bottles
  • pH at Dilution: 6.5
  • Dilution: mix equal parts A & B


  1. Thoroughly extraction-rinse the stained area. Follow with multiple vacuum only dry strokes to leave fibers as dry as possible.
  2. Mix the Red Relief for Wool using equal portions of solution "A" and "B".
  3. Wet only the stained fibers with the Red Relief solution.
  4. Allow up to 10 minutes dwell time for the stain to disappear or change to a light yellow color.
  5. Thoroughly flush and extraction-rinse the stain and surrounding area. Follow with multiple vacuum only strokes to leave the fibers as dry as possible.
  6. If any stain remains repeat steps 2 through 5 (it may be necessary to repeat this procedure up to 4 times for severe stains).
  7. Neutralize the are by saturating it with a CSS solution (1 part CSS to 3 parts water).
  8. Allow 3 minutes dwell time.
  9. Extraction-rinse and groom the fibers.
  10. Dry area as soon as possible.

SDS - Part A

SDS - Part B

Ingredients - Part A

Ingredients - Part B

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