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CTI 6425C

CTI Smartcap Brush & Bonnet

CTI Smartcap Brush & Bonnet

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Brush and Bonnet is designed to be used for (spray and brush) and (bonnet cleaning) procedures.

Key Features:

  • Container Size - 128 fl. oz.
  • Dilution - up to 8 oz per gallon
  • pH at Dilution - 8.5


  1. Thoroughly vacuum area to be cleaned.
  2. Spray and Brush Procedure - Brush & Bonnet may be applied using a rotary shampoo machine or using pump type sprayer. Apply solution to carpet evenly then brush carpet to emulsify soil. Allow carpet to dry completely then vacuum carpet thoroughly to remove encapsulated soil. 
  3. Bonnet Extraction Procedure - work in sections of approximately 100 square feet. Using a pump sprayer evenly apply solution to the area. With a rotary "dry cotton" bonnet buff the area to extract the soil and solution into the bonnet. Any residual that remains will dry to a non-sticky crystal, which will be removed during normal vacuuming.
  4. Wet Bonnet Procedure - submerge cotton bonnet in Brush & Bonnet solution. Wring well and buff carpet surface in overlapping pattern. Rinse and wring bonnet frequently.


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