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Leather Master 28462

Leather Degreaser

Leather Degreaser

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Key Features:

  • Efficiently removes surplus fat and oil spots on all types of leather. This product is for the removal of oil (usually from hair and skin) from leather.
  • Apple Leather Degreaser to the Leather, and it dissolves the oils and transforms them into a powder that is more absorbent than the leather.
  • When a grease or oil stain has built up gradually over several years, it cannot be removed in a few minutes.
  • Your patience is necessary to complete the job.
  • Stains left untreated for a long time may have caused additional challenges like loss of color.


  1. Cover areas that are not to be treated. Shake the bottle thoroughly and spray generously on effective area within distance of 20cm.
  2. Allow to dry for about 2 hours.
  3. Remove the powder with a soft brush or a synthetic sponge.
  4. Repeat the treatment if necessary.
  5. Re-protect your leather afterwards with Leather Protection Cream in case of full grain leather.



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