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Leather Steering Wheel Kit

Leather Steering Wheel Kit

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The leather repair set for steering wheels contains all important utensils and high-quality materials for the preparation and repair of black steering wheels. It is used to repair local scratches and scuffs and refresh the color. 


  • 15 ml Leather Cleaner Mild
  • 15 ml Degreaser
  • 15 ml Leather Fresh Black
  • 15 ml Leather Shield
  • 15 ml Elephant Leather Preserver
  • Sanding Pad
  • Sponges
  • Cloths


  1. Carefully mask of all areas of the steering wheel that are not to be treated with Leather Fresh.
  2. Apply Leather Cleaner to one of the enclosed sponges and clean the steering wheel thoroughly.
  3. Then apply Degreaser to a cloth and go over the surface to degrease the leather.
  4. Rough spots, scratches, abrasions or protruding leather edges can now be smoothed with the Sanding Pad. The excess sanding dust should then be removed with a cloth.
  5. Dab the Leather Fresh Dye Black carefully with the sponge or apply it to the steering wheel in circular movements. Then allow to dry completely or blow dry. This process can be repeated if necessary.
  6. After 24 hours, a thin layer of Elephant Leather Preserver can be applied. It cares for the steering wheel and gives the leather a natural shine. The Elephant Leather Preserver is mostly used for old steering wheels. This step can also be omitted for new steering wheels.
  7. After another 24 hours, put Leather Shield on a cloth and apply it gently to the steering wheel to protect the surface from new dirt and abrasions.
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