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Propel Airbrush Power Can

Propel Airbrush Power Can

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Propel Airbrush Power Can is a substitute for a compressor for on the go spraying.

Key Features:

  • Required B50-200 Regulator (not included)


  1. Before attaching regulator valve to Propel container, turn knob counterclockwise.
  2. Attach regulator valve, turn knob counterclockwise until propellant leakage is stopped. Do not turn on pressure until hose is attached to both Propel container and airbrush.
  3. Attach air hose to regulator valve by turning clockwise.
  4. Attach airbrush to air hose by turning clockwise.
  5. Keep container upright while in use. Turn knob clockwise until desired amount of pressure is obtained.
  6. When not painting, conserve propellant by turning knob counterclockwise until pressure is completely off.
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