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SEM 38008

Rust-Shield: Hardener and Gloss Enhancer

Rust-Shield: Hardener and Gloss Enhancer

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A catalyst for use with Rust Shield. (pint)

Key Features:

  • Adds gloss and durability.
  • Easy: 8:1 mixing ratio.
  • Eliminates recoat in cooler conditions.
  • Aids in curing in cooler conditions.
  • Paint direct to rust or bare sanded steel.
  • Fast application.
  • Enhancer available for gloss adjustment.
  • Can be top coated for UV resistance.
  • Restore agriculture, industrial, and heavy surfaces.
  • Air Pressure: 35-45 psi with non-hvlp equipment and 8-10 psi at the cap with hvlp.
  • Fluid Tip: 1.6-1.8
  • Coats: 2-3 medium wet
  • Application: truck and equipment refinishing.
  • Substrates: ferrous metals, properly prepped, primed and painted surfaces.


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8" x 3" x 3"


Primed Metal

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