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Sand Free

Sand Free

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Sand Free is a unique wet-on-wet adhesion promoter for ABS, PVC and similar plastics. Wet-on-Wet application melts color into substrates. This easy to use adhesion promoter is perfect for interior plastic parts.

* If the type of plastic is unknown, place a small amount of Sand Free on the back of the plastic and rub it will a gloved finger. If the plastic smears and melts, use Sand Free. If Sand Free does not have an effect on the plastic, use Plastic Adhesion Promoter or XXX Adhesion Promoter.


  1. Clean area with SEM Soap and a gray scuff pad.
  2. Rinse with water and allow to dry.
  3. Clean with Plastic & Leather Prep or XXX Universal Surface Cleaner using a clean, lint free towel and wiping in one direction.
  4. If contamination still exists, water will bead on the surface. Repeat until beading no longer occurs.
  5. Apply Sand Free (HVLP: 8-10 psi at the cap) (Non HVLP: 20-25 psi).
  6. Apply the top coat while Sand Free is still wet. The first coat of color should be applied lightly as heavy coats could cause sags or runs.
  7. As the Sand Free evaporates, the top coat is drawn into the surface, creating excellent adhesion.
  8. After the first coat of color has flashed, follow normal painting procedures.

SDS - Aerosol

SDS - Quart


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