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Wall Lenk L25

Soldering Iron (25W)

Soldering Iron (25W)

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Key Features:

  • For small delicate repairs.
  • Fine wiring.
  • Develops 850 degrees F tip temperature to make better solder joints.
  • Efficient mica-insulated, nichrome heating element and provides most stable tip temperatures and longer element life.
  • Pencil type handle is cooler to use and provides better handling and control.
  • Tip is replaceable.


  1. Use the correct iron. Wattage and tip size should be sufficient to thoroughly heat the parts being soldered.
  2. Use the proper solder.
  3. Clean the work thoroughly to ensure good bond using steel wool, fine sandpaper or file. Clean printed circuit boards gently.
  4. "Tin" tip of iron. As iron heats up, apply solder to tip surfaces.
  5. Heat the work surface thoroughly using entire tip surface. Then apply solder to heated parts at the point of tip contact. Don't over solder.
  6. Allow solder to cool and set before moving parts.
  7. Maintain iron for longer life: clean tip with steel wool or a fine file, always keep tip well "tinned", & to prevent tip from "freezing" in iron, apply graphite to threads on tip and loosen tip after each use. Tighten tip before using again.
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