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Nanoskin UL-SCR

Super Charger SiO2 Touchless Spray & Rinse Sealant

Super Charger SiO2 Touchless Spray & Rinse Sealant

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Key Features:

  • A water-activated spray on rinse off sealant.
  • Fortified silica provides superior water beading.
  • Quicker alternative to wax your vehicle.
  • Prolongs the time in between waxes, polymer sealants and ceramic coatings.
  • Dilution - 100:1


  1. Thoroughly wash you car outside of direct sunlight to ensure the surface is cool to the touch.
  2. While the surface is still wet and cool, work section and spray a light mist of diluted product directly onto the surface.
  3. Immediately rinse the section with a strong jet of water.
  4. You will notice the water-beading begin to take effect immediately.
  5. Dry the surface off with a clean towel or an air blower tool. An air blower tool is best to eliminate potential swirls left on the paint from a towel. 



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