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Try It Out Compound Kit

Try It Out Compound Kit

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This is the perfect kit if you are looking for new compounds but don't know where to start. This gives you an idea of our most popular compounds for both vinyl and leather.


  • Vinyl Hyde (2 oz) - heat cured compound that takes grain.


  • Pro 1 (2 oz) - for minor scratches and bare spots. Air dry or heat gun on very low heat, sandable.
  • Leather Crack Filler (2 oz) - for minor surface imperfections, apply in thin layers letting each dry fully.
  • Leather Repair Compound (2 oz) - a low heat cure for heat sensitive vinyl and leather holes.
  • Thin Leather Repair Compound (2 oz) - a thin heat cured leather compound that is easy to level and takes grain.
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